Brent Duet, PE – Principal Engineer/Owner


Brent Duet is a Coastal/Water Resources Engineer based in Louisiana with more than 20 years of national experience in planning, engineering and design of large scale water resources, flood protection, shoreline protection, and coastal ecosystem restoration projects. Brent is both a coastal engineer and coastal scientist, specializing in the delivery of complex water resources projects, from environmental permitting to engineering during construction. His experience includes the planning and design of levees, floodwalls, pumping stations, containment dikes, shoreline stabilization and protection systems, segmented breakwaters, forested ridge systems, large scale marsh creation and forested ridge restoration, compensatory mitigation, and beach nourishment and restoration. Brent’s experience also covers the area of dredging engineering, specifically in the planning and design of projects involving beneficial use, river borrow, long distance pipelining, and alternative sediment delivery.